The Westmatic Multiwash

This large vehicle wash system is great for washing school buses, transit buses and straight trucks.

The Westmatic 3-brush rollover system works as a bus wash and a truck wash. The system is also capable of washing smaller vehicles. The system is available in two styles: 2-brush and 3-brush Westmatic's 3-brush rollover requires very low maintenance, and can reduce your fleet's cost of operation.


§  Mirror Protection Program

§  Intelligent Brushes

§  Hot dipped galvanized frame

§  Maintenance-free Belts

§  Splash Guards

§  Floor Rail

§  Overhead Drive

§  Variable Speed Drives

§  Water Recycling and Water Purification


§  Low Maintenance

§  Low Cost of Operation

§  Reliable

§  Reduced Wash Bay Space Requirements

§  Customizable

§  Environmentally Friendly

The system is very easy to customize for different vehicle types and sizes. Westmatic's rollover vehicle wash system is often used for fleets comprised of schools buses, transit buses, motorcoach, and straight trucks. Whether operating a private fleet or a retail location, the Westmatic  Multiwash will provide a brilliant wash result, while maintaining a low cost of operation.

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