Touchless Vehicle Wash Systems

Westmatic's Large Vehicle Wash systems are ideal for washing heavy duty vehicles which require intense cleaning and decontamination.  The run-off from these vehicles can be harmful to the environment, but Westmatic ensures that we can clean your heavy duty equipment both safely and effectively.

Because large, heavy-duty vehicles can consist of military vehicles, heavy equipment, garbage trucks, tanker trucks, and mining equipment vehicles, a Touchless Wash is the best choice in order to wash every inch of these irregular-shaped vehicles.  A Westmatic Touchless Wash System is perfect for Public Works Departments.

Westmatic offers the widest range of heavy duty vehicle wash equipment in the industry:

§  Westmatic Touchless Drive-Through

§  Westmatic Touchless Roll-Over

§  Westmatic Hybrid Heavy-Duty Combination (Brush & Touchless)

Please visit our website in order to determine which heavy duty vehicle wash equipment best suits your needs.

Westmatic highly recommends incorporating one of our extremely efficient and compact water treatment systems in your wash.  Our water recycling system and water purification system will drastically reduce your monthly water bills as well as your impact on the environment.  A Recycling system can reclaim up to 85% of the water used in a wash.

Since 1974, Westmatic has specialized in the design and manufacturing of automatic bus wash, truck wash, and train wash systems.

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